Komandoo Celebrities: Rashadh

This month’s Komandoo Celebrity is Rashadh, Island Host.

Personalised, Valet Scuba Diving

Experience convenient, boutique diving at Komandoo.

Enhance Your Honeymoon with a Komandoo Wish List

Whilst your time is likely to be dedicated to enjoying each other’s company, there are a number of fantastic activities that can be enjoyed during your honeymoon.

Komandoo – Sprinkled with Romantic Experiences

Komandoo is a destination made for love. Sprinkle it with romantic experiences from start to finish.

Save Up To 25% on Your Summer Holiday at Komandoo!

Save up to 25% on your summer holiday at Komandoo.

Komandoo Celebrities: Sohag

Our hard-working, passionate and cheerful Garden Supervisor is this month’s Komandoo Celebrity!

Komandoo Celebrities: Kerti

Kerti, Head Therapist at Duniye Spa, is this month’s Komandoo Celebrity.

One of the Maldives’ Most Romantic Resorts: Adults Only, Perfect for Quiet and Boutique Experiences

Komandoo is a true adults-only, ideal for couples to enjoy a quiet, romantic holiday on a small, boutique private island.

Gift A Feel Good Experience – Spa Packages at Komandoo

Three Duniye Spa packages are available at discounted rates for bookings through Komandoo Gifts.

Komandoo’s VVIPs: Resident Hawksbill Turtles

Find out more about Cousteau, Spud and Lucien, members of Komandoo’s unique turtle population.