Komandoo Celebrities: Kerti

Kerti, Head Therapist at Duniye Spa, is this month’s Komandoo Celebrity.

A white sandy Christmas at Komandoo

If you are craving a Christmas holiday in a warm and tropical environment, take a peak at the festive program that will be running here at Komandoo from the 24th December.

Komandoo Back of the House Tour

Join Komandoo’s weekly Back of the House Tour to find out how we run the world’s prettiest island metropolis.

Celebrating World Oceans Day at Komandoo

Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet is the theme of this years World Ocean Day which is being held on 8th June.

What’s the Dress Code at Komandoo?

The dress code at Komandoo is tropical casual. Guests wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Shoes are optional, but commonly not worn.

Is This the World’s Best Airport?

The wooden pontoon, Komandoo International Airport, is the arrivals hall for guests spending their holiday at Komandoo Maldives Resort.

Play a Round of Golf!

Visit Komandoo’s sister resort, Kuredu, for the unique experience of playing golf in the Maldives.

Make Your Favourite Komandoo Cocktails!

The cocktails that Komandoo’s bartenders at both Kandu and Thundi bars make are nothing less than divine! It’s true that they taste even better when combined with awe-inspiring views, however you’re in luck because you can take the heavenly taste of Komandoo home with you! Komandoo’s cocktail classes are the way to go if you […]

Underwater Scooter Racing Club

We’ve established that the Komandoo Prodivers team and our diving guests are real superheroes: They can buzz along and over the reefs on underwater scooters and go to places that are hard to get to by just finning. But fun as they are, they even founded the Prodivers Komandoo Scooter Racing Club. The challenge? A […]

Santa Jetted to Komandoo!

While we had our doubts that Santa’s ever-expanding waistline and his round, soft posterior will make it possible for him to get on the jet ski, he turned our to be as agile as ever!