Beach dinner Komandoo Resort Maldives

Luxurious Dining on the Beach at Komandoo

No holiday in the Maldives is complete without dining on the beach and Komandoo is no exception! Chef’s outstanding, seafood-inspired 3-course menu is delightful in and of itself, but add the romantic atmosphere created by the lapping of the waves, candlelight and the company of your loved one and you get an evening to remember!

There is nothing better than your darling surprising you with fine dining in the starlight – be it during your honeymoon, to celebrate your birthday or wedding anniversary or simply to enjoy each other’s company over excellent food – and Komandoo Gifts allows you to keep your reservation a secret!

Komandoo’s Sunday beach dinner makes a great gift for your friends or family too; should you not be able to spend a holiday at the resort together, you can still tell them you’re thinking about them and wish them a fabulous time with this thoughtful gesture.

Nawal Komandoo Maldives Resort

Komandoo Celebrities: Nawal Abdul Razzaq

A friendly smile, a kind word and the desire to go that extra mile all help the service provided by the team at Komandoo to stand out, and your dream holiday in the Maldives to be that extra bit special. The Komandoo Celebrities series recognises those team members who help make the resort the amazing holiday destination it is. This month’s celebrity is Nawal Abdul Razzaq, part of our housekeeping team, and one of the friendly room attendants who help look after you during your stay.

Nawal first joined Komandoo in 2014 and has been part of the CCR family since 2010. Originally from the Haa Alif Atoll in the northern Maldives, Nawal first worked as a waiter for at our sister property Vilamendhoo before joining the Komandoo housekeeping team. His friendly and approachable demeanor makes him popular with our guests who always enjoy stopping for a chat with Nawal, and admiring his very impressive towel art that he loves to surprise with.

Winner of the September 2018 Champion of the Month Award, Nawal feels that to be the best at his job he needs to be “loyal and disciplined, meet deadlines and be punctual. As long as you do your job right, you are shining at all times.“

Outside of work, Nawal is a keen volleyball player, regarded as one of the top players both on the island and in the atoll and is a key player for the resort’s team. Nawal also enjoys a game of football, and the occasional surf session when the winds allow.

Komandoo anniversary

Komandoo’s 20th Birthday – You’re Invited!

Komandoo is turning 20, and as it befits such an important milestone, the resort’s team and guests will get to enjoy a series of events to celebrate what is a truly special Maldivian island resort.

The celebratory atmosphere will reach its peak on Wednesday, 12th December, when your already perfect day on our charming island is bound to get even better thanks to a magical, Mardi Gras-themed evening show we’re preparing in cooperation with the ArtPlant Productions. The 8-member troop of merry travellers promise to sweep you off your feet with an evening of cabaret, fireshows and lots of small surprises we’re keeping a secret!

Join us on 12th December for an evening of good music, good vibes and to make a toast to paradise pure and simple that is Komandoo.

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Komandoo anniversary

Water Villas – A Top Choice for a Maldives’ Holiday

Anyone flirting with the idea of spending their next holiday in the Maldives inevitably has the country’s iconic water villas on the radar. Whether you fancy the idea of waking up to the lapping of the waves, can’t resist the thought of a 27°C warm lagoon being only 10 stairs away, or know how surprised your darling would be if you arranged a Champagne Breakfast on your private terrace, the verdict is clear – you too have a crush on water villas!

Living up to your expectations of a tranquil, adults-only resort that boasts 15 villas right on the ocean (in addition to 50 beach villas) is Komandoo, one of the Maldives’ most renowned islands for romance. Here, the Maldives’ experience as seen in your Instagram feed and raved about on TripAdvisor is yours to be had; be it seeking shade in the airy villa, enjoying a bath indulgence or lazying on the terrace sunbed admiring unobstructed views of the ocean before heading off to the coral reef directly in front, the Jacuzzi Water Villas at this resort gem in Lhaviyani Atoll will not disappoint.

If you aren’t feeling the butterflies already now when planning your trip, you will fall in love with Komandoo’s water villas the moment you spot the wooden pontoon walkway that connects them them through the seaplane window. Come closer and you will find out that inside and outside they are the unique, unpretentious haven that surely belongs on you Maldives’ holiday shortlist.

Afiz Abdulla Komandoo Maldives Resort

Komandoo Celebrities: Afiz Abdulla

Komandoo’s greatest asset are its team members and among them is also a person who’s been the informal Chief Everything Officer at the resort for over a decade – Afiz Abdulla, IT Manager. Afiz is an essential part of the Komandoo Family and his colleagues and guests have a lot more than solving all those ‘Help, I broke the internet!’ cases to thank him for.

Afiz, from Velidhoo island in Noon Atoll, joined us as a newly-graduate student in 2007 and spent the first year and a half working in housekeeping before being presented with a ‘simple’ challenge: set up an internet network and communications infrastructure. Already possessing a lot of IT knowledge at that point and with some additional training, Afiz successfully helped modernise Komandoo. Rather than still piggybacking on Kuredu’s signal and Wi-Fi being available only at the reception, the coverage was extended to all villas in 2012, and today guests can be online with up to 8 devices and can keep in touch with their loved ones hassle free (and with great speed thanks to fiber optics), which for an island in the middle of an Indian Ocean is not as self evident as one would think! Complimentary Wi-Fi is also available in most public areas, except for restaurants and the pool area to respect guests’ privacy and to cling on to some of that pre-Wi-Fi charm that we believe it’s important to have, especially at such a stunning and relaxing place as the Maldives.

To keep up with guests’ expectations, a series of other improvements have also been put in place: an interactive in-villa IPTV that provides suggestions for things to do at the resort and makes information you may need during your stay handy, as well as 45 channels in many languages and 40 videos on demand for those hours when you simply want to seek shade and enjoy the privacy of your villa.

Afiz also set up the new music streaming system that brings all your favourite tunes to restaurants and bars, he’s responsible for arranging boat transfers, and has recently expanded his area of expertise also to landscaping, so you can look forward to an even better looking Komandoo soon! Afiz is also the captain of the resort’s volleyball team and a member of the fire brigade, an avid football player and Manchester United fan, a snorkeller, an EFR-certified diver and a wonderful colleague. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he received the flattering Ambassador of Komandoo Award in 2017, the only one given so far, for the appreciation of his outstanding services and contributions to the resort.

Solah Resort Manager Komandoo Maldives

Introducing Mohamed Solah, General Manager

Komandoo, one of the country’s best-ranking resorts for romance and a firm favourite to anyone looking for an adults-only, small island getaway in the Maldives, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mohamed Solah to the position of General Manager.

Prior to accepting the offer to lead the passionate team at Komandoo and manage this 65-villa gem in the north of Lhaviyani Atoll, Solah acquired a wealth of experience within Crown & Champa Resorts, where he started his career in 2002 and has worked at most of the group’s properties since, most recently as Director of Operations at Hurawalhi. Solah also gained precious experience during his time abroad, most notably at Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa and Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi.

Being a hospitality professional for over 15 years, Solah brings to Komandoo a strong commitment to guest satisfaction, a dedication to improve on facilities and services wherever possible, as well as enthusiasm and a wholehearted passion for his beautiful home, the Maldives. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Studies from University of Toulouse and University College, Malaysia. He’s fluent in English and French, a keen environmentalist, Arsenal fan and diver.

Solah’s professionalism, drive for exceeding expectations and his pleasant personality are bound to be well received by the Komandoo team and guests alike.

Komandoo Celebrities: Rashadh

A new month, a new team member to be put in the spotlight! It is with great pleasure to feature Ibrahim Rashadh, Island Host, in the Komandoo Celebrities series. Rashadh is a friendly and helpful member of the Front Office team and has been going the extra mile since February this year when he joined us.

Rashadh is one of the Island Hosts who are responsible for ensuring your stay at Komandoo is as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Upon arrival at the resort, Rashadh takes care of the check-in formalities, escorts you to your villa and is on hand throughout your holiday to handle any requests you may have to make sure all your expectations of the Maldives are met. When the sad, sad departure day comes, Rashadh is there for your check-out, to cheer you up – and to make sure you actually leave…

What Rashadh finds especially wonderful about working at Komandoo is the excellent teamwork and the support and appreciation by the management as well as the myriad of activities available; he’s an avid snorkeller himself and you can also see him play top-notch football.

Rashadh, the helpful person he is, shares some tips on Komandoo highlights:

‘I would stay in a Jacuzzi Beach Villa, preferably at the very end of the island due to the proximity of Thundi Bar. I’d definitely join an excursion or two, including the Sunset Cruise and keep my fingers crossed for large pods of dolphins putting on a show. The breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets at Falhu Restaurant are astounding and everyone should sample as many delicacies as possible. Evenings at Kandu Bar are lovely, especially Maldivian nights – all guests love those as they’re full of culture, good music and socialising.’

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank Rashadh for being a brilliant colleague and doing an excellent job when it comes to making sure the resort’s guests have a memorable and repeat-worthy time at Komandoo.

Valet Scuba Diving Komandoo Maldives

Personalised, Valet Scuba Diving

One of the lovely features that sets Komandoo apart from the larger Maldives’ resorts is its personalised, attentive approach to diving. The philosophy of the dive centers’ valet service is straightforward: ensure that scuba diving adventures are as hassle free, stress free and enjoyable as possible.

For you to experience the wonders of the atoll’s underwater, a lot of the inconveniences that are often associated with diving is taken off your shoulders at Komandoo. You may find carrying tanks, loading the equipment onto the boat, rinsing it after the dive and similar tasks a part of the experience, however don’t feel guilty if deep inside you would be rather pleased if for once you could offload some of these logistics and worries to the dive center team. You are in luck because the Prodivers’ instructors and support team (including Saizuddin who’s been keeping Komandoo divers happy for a whopping 20 years!), know how precious your holiday time is, and are on hand to help you with the ‘surface part of the diving’.

The team will help you with storing your equipment, getting it ready for your dive, transporting it to the boat, setting it up if you wish to, so the only things left for you is to make a giant stride and dive in! Once the underwater fun is over, the team will assist you with taking the gear back to the dive center and even rinse it and hang it up to dry for you.

Whether you are arriving at Komandoo for the first time or have been here a dozen times, you can expect exceptional service with a big emphasis on safety and attentiveness. The diving groups are small (private diving is available on request too), the team speak a number of languages, the diving boats are comfortable and the dive sites aplenty. In fact, it is not unlikely that the diving at Komandoo will change you – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a resort dive center on par with the service offered at Komandoo’s!

*Photograph of Alan Pearce, 9-time repeat guest, celebrating his 400th dive.

Honeymoon Wish Lists Maldives

Enhance Your Honeymoon with a Komandoo Wish List

Choosing to celebrate your honeymoon at Komandoo is a wonderful way to start married life. The quiet Maldivian island surrounded by beautiful turquoise ocean is a haven of romance and relaxation. Whilst your time is likely to be dedicated to enjoying each other’s company, there are a number of amorous activities that can be enjoyed during your honeymoon that will help make it extra special.

All available through Komandoo Gifts, these can be added to a wedding gift list or bought in advance to surprise your partner and are perfect for everyone who values experiences and memories over material goods.

Champagne Breakfast: Begin your day with the self-indulgence of enjoying a private in-villa breakfast with a bottle of bubbly.

Spa voucher: Duniye Spa provides a fantastic range of couples’ treatments that are perfect for de-stressing and ridding your body of tension. The skilled therapists will leave you and your partner feeling refreshed and re-energised.

Candlelight Dinner: Under the stars, with the sand between your toes and the sound of the water just a few meters away, Komandoo’s candlelight dinners on the beach are the perfect private dining experience.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant: Located off Komandoo’s sister island, Hurawalhi, 5.8 Undersea Restaurant provides a unique once-in-a-lifetime dining experience, where you can enjoy lunch or dinner 5.8 metres below the ocean and admire the fascinating surrounds.

Komandoo Adults Only Maldives Resort

Komandoo – Sprinkled with Romantic Experiences

Make the most of a getaway with your loved one by sprinkling the holiday with extra romance in all that you do. Rated as one of the leading romantic resorts in Asia, Komandoo is one of the few truly adults-only resorts in the Maldives and it lives up to even the highest expectations every step of the way. From beautiful surroundings to the intimate atmosphere, a perfect romantic escape awaits couples choosing Komandoo as their bolthole in which to get away from the rest of the world.

Aside from being the absolute dream location for a wedding or honeymoon, Komandoo has lots of ways to sprinkle extra romance. From the special treats to the everyday, love is always in the air!

Couples will delight in the spa treatments they can indulge in together as well as the luxury sailing trips and even a spot of adventure in the ocean with a Discover Scuba Diving experience – unmissable if memory-making is on the agenda.

If the way to your loved one’s heart is with delicious food, nothing says love quite like a candlelit dinner on the beach for two, intimate just-the-two-of-you dining in your villa, a gourmet feast at Aqua or even the unforgettable experience of dining under the ocean at neighbouring Hurawalhi Maldives’ 5.8 Undersea Restaurant.

Even the everyday occurrences spell out romance at Komandoo – sampling delicious cocktails whilst watching the magnificent Maldivian sunsets, taking a stroll, hand-in-hand, along a moonlit beach, listening to live music together at Kandu Bar, gazing at the impossibly bright starlit sky and making a wish on the shooting stars.

Komandoo is a destination made for love, so sprinkle it with romantic experiences from start to finish.