Komandoo, the Perfect Place for a Digital Detox

With idyllic villas, white sands, turquoise waters and exquisite dining under the stars, Komandoo Maldives Resort is a perfect place to let go of modern life distractions and to focus on the meaningful things in life.

Leave work-related stress and constant notifications on your phone behind for a week or two, and let the lapping of the waves and dolphin spotting be your only distractions. Treat yourself to a digital detox: search for clown fish and turtles rather than for Wi-Fi coverage and feel zero guilt to take time to yourself, to switch off, reflect, pause and observe the natural wonders and the romance on the island. Notice the warm and beneath your feet, how beautiful the sun’s rays are as they sparkle through the water and cast mesmerising patterns on the sand beneath, take a deep breath and simply be – it does wonders for the soul.

Swap your smartphone for snorkel gear and spend your days exploring the reefs of Lhaviyani Atoll, or sipping cocktails next to the resort’s infinity pool or on your villa sundeck. To indulge in pure relaxation, a visit to Duniye Spa will leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged, and put your body and mind into a state of complete calm. Sign up for that yoga lesson you’ve been meaning to do for years or choose from the rest of the array of experiences that promote your wellness!

The excellent culinary offerings available in both Falhu and Aqua restaurants, as well as the exquisite private dining events, allow you to spend time savouring the flavours, smelling and aromas, and taking in the views of the ocean while doing so. Dine under the stars with your loved one to really unplug and rekindle the sparks in your relationship that might have been pushed aside due to the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

The slow pace of the days, combined with the favourable climate, beautiful natural surroundings and romance, make Komandoo a stress-free, a shoe-free and a traffic-free, adults-only holiday retreat that allows you ditch the digital leash and connect with yourself again.

If you can’t quite bear to ditch the mobile entirely, make a pledge with yourself to simply leave it in your villa, set yourself some screen time restrictions, turn off notifications and maybe just take it out for photo opportunities once in a while – better still, make use of our professional photographer for stunning ‘Instagram-worthy’, ‘likeable’ and ‘loveable’ shots that will be the envy of all when you post them upon your return!

It’s worth noting that we do have a Mobile App which is a great planning tool where you can book lots of incredible experiences before you leave home – these can be changed once you’re here and if you prefer to go phone free, our team at reception can help you with that!

Maldives Hawksbill turtle

Celebrate Komandoo’s Turtles

The Maldives is renowned for its amazing marine life, and Komandoo is no exception, boasting a diverse and abundant population of fish and aquatic animals that make their home around the island. What we are especially proud of is that the island has become a known hotspot for sea turtles. Thanks to the ongoing partnership with the Olive Ridley Project, we have a great insight into our resident turtle community and so far 30 individual hawksbill turtles and 3 green turtles have been identified on Komandoo’s reef.

All turtles have unique scale patterns on their heads, so photos can be compared to images in the national databases to help track movements and population changes across the Maldives and your holiday snaps can help! If you have a photograph, taken in the Maldives, of a sea turtle that is new to our database, or one that is yet to be named, you can choose to adopt this turtle if you wish, and name it too. We need one clear image of each side of the turtle’s face. And of course, we also need to know the time and the location of the sighting.

Submit your photos by email

This research will help us develop and evaluate conservation strategies aimed at saving sea turtles threatened by extinction. Six out of the seven species worldwide are listed as ‘Endangered’ and they need our help.

When encountering sea turtles during your holiday, either by swimming, during the Turtle Tour, snorkelling or scuba diving, it is extremely important to be respectful and not to threaten their natural behaviour in any way, you will have a much more rewarding experience if you keep your distance and allow the turtle to simply do what turtles do – feed, rest and breathe!

Please familiarise yourself with the Olive Ridley Project’s Code of Conduct for how to swim with sea turtles.

Olive Ridley Project Turtles

Maldives Luxury water villa

Water Villas – the Iconic Choice for a Maldives’ Holiday

Anyone flirting with the idea of spending their next holiday in the Maldives inevitably has the country’s iconic water villas on the radar. Whether you fancy the idea of waking up to the lapping of the waves, can’t resist the thought of swimming in the 27°C warm lagoon directly from your own steps, or want to arrange a Champagne Breakfast for your loved one on your private terrace, the verdict is clear – you need water villas in your life!

Living up to your expectations of a tranquil, adults-only resort that boasts 15 villas perched right on top of the ocean (in addition to 50 beach villas) is Komandoo, one of the Maldives’ most renowned islands for romance. Here, the Maldives’ experience, as seen in your Instagram feed and raved about on TripAdvisor, is yours to be had; be it seeking shade in the airy villa, enjoying a Jacuzzi Indulgence or lazing on the terrace sunbed admiring unobstructed views of the ocean before heading off to the coral reef directly in front, the Jacuzzi Water Villas will not disappoint.

The excited feeling of butterflies at the trip planning stage is nothing compared to the moment you spot the wooden pontoon walkway that connects Komandoo’s water villas as you gaze through the seaplane window!

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Last update: 2024/04/18 06:30 AM
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Komandoo Maldives Duniye Spa reception

Gift A Feel Good Experience – Spa Packages at Komandoo

Every day is a special occasion at Komandoo, the Maldives’ only adults-only resort. Whether it’s your honeymoon, anniversary or that special birthday, a box to tick during your holiday on the island is to visit Duniye Spa, where Kerti and her team look forward to pampering you to help you turn into even more relaxed and rejuvenated version of yourself!

As your countdown ticks closer, we invite you to head over to Komandoo Gifts, the resort’s online gift registry, where you can choose from three flexible spa packages; the Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages are available at discounted rates only valid for bookings through Komandoo Gifts.

These spa indulgences are tailored with your needs in mind for you to revel in treatments of your choice throughout your holiday at the resort.

You could also include these popular spa packages onto your wish list for your upcoming celebration or give them as a gift to your loved ones holidaying at Komandoo.

Celebrate well-being on the most romantic island in the Maldives.

Top Things to Do at Komandoo if You Only Have 5 Days

Who wouldn’t want to spend a relaxing getaway in the Maldives? With its sparkling white sand beaches and blue water, stretching out as far as the eye can see, the scenery itself is worth the visit. Komandoo Maldives Resort, considered to be one of the country’s most romantic, adults-only resorts, is the perfect combination of beauty and activities to occupy your days with.

The longer you stay, the more enchanting you will find this 65-villa resort in Lhaviyani Atoll, however you can also fit in Komandoo’s highlights into a short holiday. There are many destinations from which you can get to the Maldives in less than five hours, so swapping city life for island life is within convenient reach.

Top things to do if you have 5 days at Komandoo:

  • Stress Reliever Back Massage – 60 minutes of pure pampering and relaxation.
  • Introduction scuba dive – See what it’s like to breathe underwater and explore Komandoo’s lagoon.
  • Sunset Cruise – Nature’s fireworks display is best admired on the ocean. Dolphins are known to regularly put on a show.
  • Relish the moments of peacefulness from the comfort of your lounger – Be it on the Water Villa sundeck or the beach just outside your Beach or Jacuzzi Beach Villa.
  • Stroll around the island – It will take you between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on whether you stop at Thundi Bar for a sunset drink, and depending on how many baby sharks you take a picture of.
  • Go kayaking or paddleboarding – Paddle across the turquoise lagoon and admire Komandoo from yet another stunning perspective.
  • Rest you head and your mind at the pool area – the blues of the infinity pool blend in with the blues of the ocean. It is likely that you will spot dolphins or rays swimming past as you lean on the infinity pool edge. Keep a ‘why not’ attitude with signature cocktails and you’ll have a few spot on hours in the sun.

kayakers Komandoo Maldives

Prodivers Komandoo team

Personal, Valet Scuba Diving

One of the lovely features that sets Komandoo apart from the larger Maldives’ resorts is its personalised, attentive approach to diving. The philosophy of the dive center’s valet service is straightforward: ensure that scuba diving adventures are as hassle free, stress free and enjoyable as possible.

For you to experience the wonders of the atoll’s underwater, a lot of the inconveniences that are often associated with diving are taken off your shoulders at Komandoo. You may find carrying tanks, loading the equipment onto the boat, rinsing it after the dive and similar tasks a part of the experience, however don’t feel guilty if deep inside you would be rather pleased if for once you could offload some of these logistics and worries to the dive center team. You are in luck because the Prodivers’ instructors and support team (including Saizuddin who’s been keeping Komandoo divers happy for a whopping 20 years!), know how precious your holiday time is, and are on hand to help you with the surface part of the diving.

The team will help you with storing your equipment, getting it ready for your dive, transporting it to the boat, setting it up if you wish to, so the only things left for you is to make a giant stride and dive in! Once the underwater fun is over, the team will assist you with taking the gear back to the dive center and even rinse it and hang it up to dry for you.

Whether you are arriving at Komandoo for the first time or have been here a dozen times, you can expect exceptional service with a big emphasis on safety and attentiveness. The diving groups are small (private diving is available on request too), the team speak a number of languages, the diving boats are comfortable and the dive sites aplenty. In fact, it is not unlikely that the diving at Komandoo will change you – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a resort dive center on par with the service offered at Komandoo’s!

Komandoo Maldives Duniye Spa reception

Recommended First Spa Treatment at Komandoo: Stress Reliever Back Massage

The day when you pack your bags and head off to the airport to soon arrive at Komandoo Maldives Resort is finally here! We know how excited you are: having regularly visited our webcam for quite some time now, you are raring to go and experience paradise pure and simple in real life. Whether your holiday is a 2-week one, or if you are only coming to the Maldives for a few days, you will want to make the most of your stay.

To make sure you get into the Komandoo Vibe as soon as possible, Duniye Spa recommends to outsmart jet lag and overcome the effects of long travel with the Stress Reliever Back Massage.

The treatment begins with the heat of Thai herbal poultices to warm and relax tensed muscles, followed by a medium to strong pressure massage, focusing on the area most commonly affected by travelling – the back. As the therapist gets deeper into the muscles, releasing the tension, allow yourself to drift away to the thoughts from your inspirational Balinese happy stone and the soothing sounds of the music that surrounds you. Once you are woken by the tropical rain from the African rain sticks, you will feel revitalized and ready to move your relaxation mode into fifth gear.

Beach dinner Komandoo Resort Maldives

Luxurious Dining on the Beach at Komandoo

No holiday in the Maldives is complete without dining on the beach and Komandoo is no exception! Chef’s outstanding, seafood-inspired 3-course menu is delightful in and of itself, but add the romantic atmosphere created by the lapping of the waves, candlelight and the company of your loved one and you get an evening to remember!

There is nothing better than your darling surprising you with fine dining in the starlight – be it during your honeymoon, to celebrate your birthday or wedding anniversary or simply to enjoy each other’s company over excellent food – and Komandoo Gifts allows you to keep your reservation a secret!

Komandoo’s Sunday beach dinner makes a great gift for your friends or family too; should you not be able to spend a holiday at the resort together, you can still tell them you’re thinking about them and wish them a fabulous time with this thoughtful gesture.

Nawal Komandoo Maldives Resort

Komandoo Celebrities: Nawal Abdul Razzaq

A friendly smile, a kind word and the desire to go that extra mile all help the service provided by the team at Komandoo to stand out, and your dream holiday in the Maldives to be that extra bit special. The Komandoo Celebrities series recognises those team members who help make the resort the amazing holiday destination it is. This month’s celebrity is Nawal Abdul Razzaq, part of our housekeeping team, and one of the friendly room attendants who help look after you during your stay.

Nawal first joined Komandoo in 2014 and has been part of the CCR family since 2010. Originally from the Haa Alif Atoll in the northern Maldives, Nawal first worked as a waiter for at our sister property Vilamendhoo before joining the Komandoo housekeeping team. His friendly and approachable demeanor makes him popular with our guests who always enjoy stopping for a chat with Nawal, and admiring his very impressive towel art that he loves to surprise with.

Winner of the September 2018 Champion of the Month Award, Nawal feels that to be the best at his job he needs to be “loyal and disciplined, meet deadlines and be punctual. As long as you do your job right, you are shining at all times.“

Outside of work, Nawal is a keen volleyball player, regarded as one of the top players both on the island and in the atoll and is a key player for the resort’s team. Nawal also enjoys a game of football, and the occasional surf session when the winds allow.