Komandoo Celebrities: Nishan

This month’s Komandoo Celebrity is bartender Nishan Eranda. Nishan, known for his welcoming smile, amazing drinks and entertaining coin tricks first joined the team in 2016. Originally from Sri Lanka, Nishan had previously worked in Dubai before joining the Bar Team on Komandoo.

Nishan’s hard work, positive attitude and willingness to help has made him a popular part of the Komandoo family with both guests and team members. He loves it when the bar is full, making cocktails (especially the spectacular Flaming Lamborghini), and entertaining guests. Even if he were to visit the island as a guest Nishan believes he would spend much of his time in the bars at the resort, chatting with the team members and other guests.

When not working in either Kandu or Thundi Bar, Nishan enjoys sport, especially cricket and volleyball as well as making the most of Komandoo’s incredible location, snorkelling and kayaking in the beautiful lagoon.

We would like to thank Nishan for all his hard work and hope you all get to say hello on your next visit to Komandoo Resort.

An Underwater Wedding Proposal at Komandoo, Maldives

Life at Komandoo revolves mainly around two things: the ocean and romance. To tap into their newly discovered passion for scuba diving, a resort’s guest thought of a special way to show his girlfriend how deep his love for her is – he proposed to her underwater!

Thanks to logistical support by the dive center team, everything went as planned: just minutes after they had successfully completed their Open Water Diver course came a moment that kicked Barbara and Marc’s experience up a notch. With love and adrenaline rushing through her veins, Barbara signalled a ‘yes’, had a wonderful engagement ring put on her finger and, not knowing how handy the particular diving skill would turn out to be, was even able to have an engagement kiss underwater!

We thank Barbara and Marc for allowing us to be a part of this special occasion, and are certain that Komandoo fully lived up to your expectations of one of the Maldives and Asia’s top romantic resorts!

Komandoo Celebrities: Bodu Beru Ensamble

Evenings at Komandoo are generally as quiet as days are serene save for a handful of night entertainment events that give the resort’s guests itchy feet and a chance to succumb to the rhythm of music. Fridays are for dancing to the beats you know, while every Saturday at 10:15 p.m. it is Maldivian music that begins to waft through the balmy air. Regarded as an essential element of the country’s culture, a bodu beru live performance is something you should certainly experience during your holiday in the Maldives.

Due to their popularity among guests, as a ‘thank you’ for dancing the extra mile as well as to invite all future guests to have a bit of cultural immersion during their time on the island, we are crowning Komandoo’s bodu beru group this month’s celebrities.

Consisting of 21 team members in total, Komandoo’s bodu beru (‘big drum’ in Dhivehi language) brings together the island’s most talented drummers, singers and dancers to perform at what is one of the most popular evenings at Kandu Bar. The ensamble is made up of villa attendants, island hosts, front office team, hostesses, waiters, luggage attendants, boat captain and crew, plus some of our colleagues who work more behind the scenes, as labourers, in HR and finance. Some of the bodu beru stars have been working at the resort for as many as 10 years!

The group performs under the orchestration of Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, Saeed Ibrahim and Ibrahim Zuka, who lead the rehearsals twice a week and work out how to incorporate the rest of the team’s suggestions into future shows, be it Saturday night’s, arrival welcome ceremony, weddings or staff parties. Most ideas on how to improve the more gentle parts of the performance of course come from Aminath Shifza.

The bodu beru begins in a slow tempo before turning into a whirlwind of energic beats and moves, which is usually when guests join in the fun!

We hope you enjoy Saturday nights at Komandoo as much as our bodu beru musicians and dancers enjoy showcasing you their talents and culture.

Komandoo Maldives Resort is a 2018 Travelers’ Choice Award Winner

Romance can mean many things to different people, and regardless of what makes your heart melt, it is highly likely that a holiday at Komandoo will sweep you and your loved one of your feet, and be just the romantic retreat you’ve been longing for.

Komandoo, one of the Maldives’ few truly adults-only resort (we welcome guests above the age of 18), is again making the headlines after having been recognised by TripAdvisor reviewers as Asia’s 14th, and the Maldives’ 4th most romantic resort!

The 2018 Travelers’ Choice Award, which you, our dear guests, are to thank is a testaments to our small, private island’s renowned intimate charm. From beach and over-water villas (with honeymooners being draw especially to the latter) to dining on the beach, spa treatments and quality ‘us’ time listening to the pulse of the ocean and stargazing, Komandoo allows you to live out your definition of romance.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or an anniversary celebration, and the idea of spending it away from the crowds, in ridiculously beautiful natural surroundings sounds appealing, keep Komandoo in mind – it will get your heart racing for years to come!

Komandoo Maldives Resort

The perfect time to visit Komandoo

Komandoo Resort is paradise. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean lapping on the white sandy beaches, combined with the excellent service offered by the team at the resort make it the perfect place to relax and unwind at any time. However, as many in Europe are experiencing the winter blues, and the cold dark months drag on, the Maldives enters its “high season”, when the great conditions become that little bit better, and make it the perfect destination for a winter escape.

The Maldives high season is characterised by stunning conditions. This means that guests who visit Komandoo during this period will often enjoy clear blue skies, dotted with just the occasional white fluffy cloud and flat seas which make it perfect for spotting dolphins jumping in the distance, or turtles poking their head above the surface before they dive back down to the reef. The calm conditions also bring stunning clarity to the water, allowing divers and snorkellers to look into the deep and marvel at the breath-taking underwater landscapes and get a full appreciation for the shear abundance of life that call the reefs around Komandoo home.

The great underwater visibility also makes it one of the best times of year to spot some of the rarer ocean inhabitants. The team at Komandoo have recently enjoyed spotting large pelagic species such as tiger sharks and hammerhead sharks on their dives, and snorkellers have had plenty of manta ray encounters. These majestic giants are known to inhabit the waters around Komandoo from November through to March, and provide a highlight to any stay.

Whilst these conditions can often be experienced at other times of the year it is during the months of February, March and April when conditions are at their most reliable, and when we feel it is the perfect time to visit Komandoo.

10 suggestions for 10 days on Komandoo

Komandoo Maldives Resort is a perfect place to relax and unwind. However, we know that many of you also want to make the most of your time with us, and, especially when you are lucky enough to have a longer stay, you want to know what activities you can do during your holiday.

Here are 10 suggestions for things to do if you’re on the Komandoo for 10 days.

  • Lunch or dinner at Aqua: Komandoo’s fine dining restaurant offer diners a chance to enjoy some of the freshest local produce over the water in a beautiful setting.
  • Try your hand at Night Fishing: Join our excursions team as you try your hand at the traditional Maldivian method of fishing using hand lines at dusk, and see if you can catch your own dinner.
  • Join a Luxury Sailing trip: Tour the atoll on a wooden yacht and sail between islands and lagoons, stopping for snorkelling on some of the area’s best reefs. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins – they regularly put on impressive shows.
  • Experience diving: The Maldives is world famous for its incredible marine life, and the best way to experience it is through scuba diving. With the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program you can give diving a try; you can become a certified diver (Open Water) in less than a week, too.
  • Meet a turtle: A number of hawksbill turtles have made their home around Komandoo, and can often be seen on the house reef.
  • Sunday beach dinner: Every Sunday guests can book a table at our intimate beach dinners, where they can enjoy a romantic 3-course meal under the stars.
  • Experience pure relaxation at Duniye Spa No Maldivian holiday is complete without visiting the spa, where a wide range of treatments are on offer to help rid you of any stress. You’ll be rejuvenated and energised for months to come!
  • Sunrise Yoga: Located on the beach, Thundi Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sun go down and the sky shifts to brilliant shades of orange and pink.
  • Have a cocktail at Thundi Bar: Located on the beach, Thundi Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sun go down, and the sky shift to brilliant shades of orange and pink.
  • Spoil your partner: Komandoo is a very romantic place, and we know many of you come to spend quality time with your partner. There are many ways to add that extra bit of romance to what is already an incredible holiday: candlelight dinners, visiting Dream Island, perhaps even dining at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant at neighbouring Hurawalhi.

Even though Komandoo is one of the smallest resorts in the Maldives, and known for its adults-only atmosphere, the variety of choice is by no means limited to the above. Whether it be a 5-day holiday (see suggestions on things to do here) or you’re treating yourself to a longer stay, you have a whole lot to look forward to.

Water Villa or Beach Villa?

Komandoo is nothing like Marmite – you either love it or you love it! You won’t find a house reef in the area prettier than ours, no team as dedicated as Komandoo’s, and no Spanish omelette as exquisite as the one at Aqua Restaurant. Yet to make sure that you leave the resort with absolutely zero ‘should haves’, there is something you need to give some thought into – which villa type suits your dream holiday desires best.

Based on feedback from members of the Beach Villa camp, Komandoo’s beachside villas are your safe bet if you wish to have the island’s powdery sand added to the mixture of perfect. The resort’s sugary white, empty stretch of beach can be your walkway from your Beach Villa or Jacuzzi Beach Villa to the lagoon. The beach provides a beautiful contrast between the island’s greenery and the various hues of the blue of the Indian Ocean, and nicely caresses your feet when you walk down to the water for a swim. What’s more, Komandoo’s lagoon is a baby shark and baby stingray nursery, so you can even admire these cuties from the comfort of your shaded patio. Should you feel incomplete without reading at least one book during your holiday, nothing beats a good afternoon read on the beach, with the gentle island breeze lulling you into pondering if life could possibly get any better than this.

To truly be able to slip away into your own private haven – and maybe even have a romantic indulgence organised – the choice between a beach villa with a jacuzzi and one without is an easy one to make.

Komandoo Maldives Beach Villas

All those who feel that the Maldives and its iconic water villas go hand in hand will love Komandoo’s Jacuzzi Water Villas. Built on stilts over the sparkling ocean, they guarantee more privacy, more space and more exclusivity. There is something magical about treating yourself to a champagne breakfast on your terrace, snuggling up on the lounger with your loved one and to be disturbed by nothing but the occasional splashing sound that the marine life makes. For whenever you need to cool off, your private patch of translucent ocean is directly below your villa. While it’s true that when staying at one of the Jacuzzi Water Villas the resort’s main restaurant and the infinity pool are not in the direct proximity (you need some 6 minutes on foot to reach them), it’s also true that you will feel so cosy and spoilt in your water villa that it’s quite possible you will never want to leave it at all!

Komandoo Water Villas Maldives

Still not sure? You can find detailed descriptions of Komandoo’s villas by following these links:

Beach Villa
Jacuzzi Beach Villa
Jacuzzi Water Villa

3 Most Popular Spa Treatments

You can get a cucumber eye mask and a decent massage at any spa, however at Komandoo, we like to take things from ordinary to – well, extraordinary. At Duniye Spa, all treatments are bound to leave you feeling good about yourself, but here’s the rub – with such a variety of choice and only that much time, which ones should you treat yourself to?

These three spa treatments currently top the popularity list:

  • Duniye Spa’s signature massage is a must! Release those post-arrival aches and pain after a long journey to paradise. The Sense of Touch begins with an Asian-inspired foot ritual to connect and balance the energies in the body. The massage starts off with a warm poultice application to prepare and relax the body and follows with a full-body massage, enriched with our healing signature balm, African Potato. This treatment focuses on releasing tension, as well as energy meridians to leave you feeling relaxed and calm, allowing you to float out of the spa.
  • Your holiday won’t be complete without experiencing a typical Maldives body polish; our most popular is the coconut vanilla body polish, which is prepared with fresh Maldivian coconut that gently sloughs away those unwanted dead skin cells. The moisturizing effect leaves the skin hydrated and smooth to the touch, and is the perfect preparation for your days at the beach. This polish can be booked on its own or enjoyed in our spa packages, such as Full Moon Magic, Honeymoon Indulgence and our traditional Maldivian Island Paradise.
  • Lastly, our popular and new, Vita Firming Hydra Boost Facial, the absolute in natural firming and lifting. It promotes skin health and graceful ageing. The facial is performed with the Healing Earth Tri Enyme range which is full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and proteins to help stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin firm and tightened. The vitamin boost provides a healthy glow to the skin and leaves a long lasting hydration on the skin.

Popular treatments – Duniye Spa Komandoo

Try Scuba Diving at Komandoo Maldives

Did you know that 2,000+ species of fish and 200+ species of coral had been identified in the Maldives? There’s a whole lot of water around Komandoo and we want you to enjoy it to the full! While it’s true that the resort’s house reef is home to an incredible variety and quantity of marine life, and it’s so shallow that most of it can be seen be just snorkelling, you should also give diving a try! Trust us – and Komandoo Prodivers – that discovering scuba diving is likely to be a life-changing experience. And the best thing? You can see what it’s like to breath underwater (and have that awesome near-flying feeling!), plus see fish in their natural aquarium, without having to get certified.

You can try scuba diving and enhance your Maldives’ holiday with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, during which you develop the basic skills and learn the ABCs of diving, and then – off to the lagoon! The balmy, crystalline water of course makes things easier and more pleasant. You won’t descend more than 2-3 meters on your first dive, but just enough for you to realize that a whole new dimension is out there to be enjoyed.

The dive center team do their best to provide a highly personalized and attentive service to everyone. After your lagoon dive, they will probably talk you into doing the second dive – because that’s where things get interesting! Now that you’ve been reassured that you, too, can breath underwater and that the instructor is with you at all times and you can be at ease, you’re ready to do your first house reef dive. Komandoo’s house reef is one of the most well-preserved reefs in the area, and you will be wowed by the myriad of things that snorkellers don’t see. To truly appreciate the magic of our oceans, there is no better way than giving the fantastic sensation that is diving a try. If it’s at the beautiful Komandoo, you really can’t go wrong!

Duniye Spa À La Carte Packages

Duniye Spa at Komandoo Maldives Resort has recently introduced three à la carte packages, created to offer you a more varied spa experience. You can choose to include any treatment from the Duniye Spa menu to pamper yourself with your desired combination of services for a total duration as set in the package. The packages are to be booked per person and can be split throughout your stay at Komandoo.

The three packages on offer are:

*Excludes Couples Indulgence treatments.

We hope the newly introduced concept, which allows you to get more of Duniye Spa for less, will turn out to be a well-received addition to our service.

If you are coming to Komandoo for the first time, don’t forget to view the full Duniye Spa menu here to get an idea what indulgences await you at the Resort.

See you soon in paradise,
Your Duniye Spa Komandoo Team