Drinking Water at Komandoo

Having a paradise-like island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is not just about the silky beaches you’d want to sink your toes into right now, the privacy that the villas afford, or romantic, candlelit dinners under the starry Maldivian sky.

Running a resort in the Maldives is also about several practical things, such as figuring the best way to get fresh water to the island.

The bottled drinking water that quenches your thirst at Komandoo Maldives Resort is produced at our sister resort Kuredu. In the past, drinking water was imported, however in 2012, the owners of the two properties decided that having own water bottling plant would be a better idea, one which would also decrease the amount of plastic bottles used at the resorts.

And how exactly is it done?

In Kuredu’s water bottling plant, fresh water is derived from sea water through reverse osmosis, a process that uses high pressure to force water through a membrane, separating it from unwanted substances, such as sand and seagrass. Before being bottled, water is mineralized and chilled. The plant operates under strict hygiene standards and is tested for quality and pH levels every 100 liters. Additionally, drinking water samples are tested in the laboratories in Male and parameters are recorded and monitored continuously.

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The equipment is top of the line, producing an impressive 600,000 liters of fresh water every day. Komandoo consumes about 6000 liters of bottled water a month.

That said, the two resorts will surely be written in the history of the Maldives resorts in gold letters for our immense contribution to preserving the environment and providing our guests conscious, eco-friendly products and services that we owe to the fascinating islands we’ve made our home and turned them into one of the Maldives’ top-rated resorts you can’t resist coming back to!

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