Lights out!

This Saturday, we are again taking part in the worldwide Earth Hour movement. Between 20:00 and 21:00, we will switch off the lights in our outlets and replace them with a romantic candlelit atmosphere, and turn off the air-conditioning units and TV sets in all villas.

Considering the environmentally fragile Maldives’ islands and their vulnerability to climate change, Earth Hour is a gesture to express our commitment to sustainability and ecological consciousness.

What else have we been doing in this respect?

  • To avoid plastic waste, we are getting drinking water from Kuredu’s innovative water bottling plant, and have thereby drastically reduced our resort’s dependence on plastic water bottles.
  • The resort is using solar heating to bring hot water to your villa bathrooms, and we hope you don’t mind us going back in time by drying the laundry using the good old Maldivian breeze driers.
  • We collect rainwater and use it for watering plants around the island, and we use eco-friendly cleaning products. By installing led lights on the pathways around the resort we are saving about 200 liters of diesel per day.

It’s in our interest to protect the natural environment so the generations to come will be able to enjoy this heaven on Earth like we do today, without a trade-off in comfort.

There’s still plenty to do to reduce our environmental footprint, but we can say we are doing our best.

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