Free Wi-Fi at Komandoo Maldives Resort

Unless you’re addicted to caffeine and would overwhelmingly take high-end coffee makers over any other hotel amenities, the chances are your most desired amenity when on vacation is free Wi-Fi. Good news is, at Komandoo Maldives Resort you can enjoy your brew and instantly share the joy with your friends and family – free of charge!

Admit it, we all spend a lot of time online and as a result Wi-Fi access has become a standard amenity at resorts. Traveling with a tablet, smartphone or laptop has become as intuitive as packing a toothbrush. We’ve taken your requests into consideration and are glad that you can now send your family a message you’ve arrived safely, post updates on your holiday at Komandoo or reply to that important email, free of charge.

Free Wi-Fi at Komandoo Maldives Resort is available in all the rooms and at the Kandu bar. We hope this added value is boosting even more of your satisfaction with the island and bringing some enviable and bragging-worth status updates to your social networks, and most importantly comforting your family you’re eating well, are not disturbed by any noise at night, and informing them that from now on you don’t settle for anything less than enjoying your drinks with – an amazing view!

What is it that you can’t imagine your holiday without? You know you can always let us know what improvements you’d like to see at the resort – don’t hesitate to drop us a line anytime, we’re always open!

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