Giving Back to Nature: Coral Transplantation

To mark World Environment Day this last Friday, Komandoo guests got the opportunity to participate in our coral transplantation project, or coral gardening as we also call it.

The Komandoo Prodivers team gave our guests insightful information about why coral reefs are vital to the well-being of our oceans and hence life on Earth, explained how fragile this ecosystem is, and what we can do to help preserve these stunning reefs for future generations.

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Before planting pieces of coral, which we took from the lagoon bottom, onto specially designed trays and placing these to the area around our water villas, the instructors also told the guests how reefs constantly change their shape (because they are living organisms, not rocks!) and how lucky Komandoo is to have one of the best preserved house reefs in the Maldives!

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We would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent gardening phase, and also to those of you who are showing your support for our conservation projects even at those sad times when you’re not with us here on the island.

Follow us here on our blog for future updates and pictures of our conservation teams who are giving back to the nature AND having a great time wearing white gloves and doing the moonwalk dance, Maldives style…

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