Clean Up the World 2014: How you can help us

Given the Maldives’ unique location in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the increasing number of visitors who want to see this patch of paradise with their own eyes, you can understand how difficult it is to manage waste here.

We would like to ask for your help: to the best of your ability, please could you take your waste products back home with you? Whether it be your empty sunblock containers, your Cadbury Dairy Milk wrappers, or any plastic bags that you may have brought to the island. We are sure that they can be disposed of more effectively where waste management is more advanced. Thank you for showing your commitment!

And how can you help us this weekend? Please join us for the reef clean-up on Saturday, and the sandbanks clean-up on Sunday, follow by a cocktail party at 7pm at the Thudi Bar.

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