Komandoo’s 20th Anniversary Party

Champagne, cake, a mermaid, stunning performances, a fantastic, celebratory vibe… we had it all on Komandoo’s 20th anniversary party! The resort’s owners, management, partners, team and guests spent a lovely evening filled with walks down memory lane, reminiscing how Komandoo was back in the days, how it developed to the resort so many of you love today, and what can still be done for it to stand head over shoulders above similar Maldives’ resorts – although we know that in the hearts of many, many of you it already is the top choice!

Allow us to thank all those of you who joined us for the birthday party, those who made it happen (well done, Komandoo Champions and ArtPlant Productions), and all those who couldn’t be with us but have been a part of Komandoo in any way in the last 20 years, be it as guests, team, partners, friends. Together we have created a marvel to behold, a resort whose essence are its people. Alongside the stunning natural environment and constant strive for perfection of service, Komandoo truly is a resort to celebrate, day in and day out!