Komandoo, Maldives – Perfect for Your Babymoon

Komandoo, given its adults-only (18+) concept, is not suitable for parents who wish to spend a holiday with their children, but it is a great resort to spend your babymoon at. If you’re looking for one final romantic getaway (or a relaxing beach break with a friend or family) before the sleepless nights begin, Komandoo is just the island you’re looking for. Expectant mothers should of course get the thumbs up from their medical practitioner, and if you’re good to head off on holiday, Komandoo’s team promise to spoil you rotten with relaxation galore, and attend to your every need to ensure maximum comfort.

A holiday in the Maldives doesn’t require a lot of packing, so that’s already the first convenient part, and with many direct flights as well as good connections from Europe and elsewhere to Male’, the travel time is not that bad either! Once at the airport in Male’, you can relax in Komandoo’s lounge, and together with the seaplane operator we will do our best to get you to the resort as quickly as possible.

Bib Babymoon at Komandoo Maldives

Once here, you can spend your days enjoying the comfort of your villa, go snorkelling on the easily accessible house reef, allow to be pampered a bit at the spa, and you can even party a bit in the pleasant ambiance of Komandoo’s Kandu Bar.

Your partner and you will certainly benefit from the calming power of the ocean and can make the most of your time in paradise now that your daily routine isn’t upside down yet by enjoying a candlelight dinner, admiring sunsets together and generally seizing the calming power of the ocean to relax and enjoy each other’s company looking forward to the exciting future ahead of you.

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