Celebrating Biodiversity for World Environment Day

Biodiversity is the official theme of World Environment Day 2020 and here at Komandoo Maldives Resort we place great importance on it. We are surrounded by nature at its very best, a lush green island with a sprinkling of beautiful tropical flowers and the entire island ringed by coral reefs with some of the most biologically diverse marine life in the world and we know it’s our duty to help protect it.

Whether you go on one of the many snorkelling trips or jump in for a scuba diving expereince, you will find the underwater world here in the Maldives simply stunning. When you don your mask and put your face in the water you enter another world, one with turtles, rays, sharks and an array of kaleidoscopic fish plus a huge variety of tiny critters – the coral reefs are so rich in life that they are considered one of the most important ecosystems on the planet.

In order to protect this rich diversity of life surrounding Komandoo we conduct regular reef and beach clean ups to remove any debris that drifts in on the currents which could be hamful to marine life – plastic bags for example loov veery much like jellyfish to a hungry sea turtle. Our resort operations are conducted with the environment in mind and we are constantly striving to further what we do to ensure sustainability is of the highest priority. We have a special ‘task-force’ formed by group of Komandoo Champions and Management called ‘Komandoo Green Club’, it’s a non-profit organization to keep our environment clean, take the initiaive and increase awareness about cleanliness and sustainable environmental practices for a healthy life. This new initiative plans to develop coral plantations, Guest and Champion awareness of common trees in Maldives, reef cleaning programs and helping to develop awareness programs with the local community. We believe the way forward is to make the environment everyone’s priority.

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