Komandoo Celebrities: Sohag

What adds a special allure to Komandoo is the resort’s lush, tropical landscape, and one of the team members who is to credit for upkeeping the island’s vegetation and overall landscaping is Sohag Bepari, Garden Supervisor. Coming from Bangladesh and working in the Maldives since 2003 (he was transferred to Komandoo from sister resort Kuredu in 2011), Sohag’s excellent performance has not only been consistently recognised by the resort’s guests, but also by his colleagues and the management, earning him the flattering Supervisor of the Month accolades in 2015 and 2016.

Outside of his daily responsibilities, Sohag finds special pleasure in creating flower bouquets for the exchange of vows ceremonies. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket, volleyball and watching movies.

You may or may not know that a wide assortment of vegetables and herbs are grown on the island; Sohag and his colleagues currently grow lettuce, chili, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, mint, aloe vera and rosemary; what’s more, flowers used in your bed decorations, jacuzzi indulgence and at the spa (orchids, hibiscus and vinca/periwinkle plants) are also coming from the on-site nursery. The orchid farm is Sohag ‘s favourite place on the whole island and he’s especially honoured when he gets to share his passion of our guests during the complimentary back of the house tour.

We are certain those of you who’ve meet Sohag will agree he’s a polite, friendly and cheerful person, and on behalf of the entire team we wish to thank him for his dedication, passion and for being a valued member of the Komandoo Family. We can’t wait to see all the landscaping improvements and new plants in the villas Sohag is planning!