Komandoo Celebrities: The Sweeper Ladies

Rather than just one celebrity this month, there is a whole team of them – the Komandoo Sweeper Ladies: Mariyam, Haleemath, Kudda Hawwa, Hawwa, Aaida, Sobira and Khadeeja.

Komandoo Resort is one of the Maldives’ treasures, small and boutique as well as lush and picture perfect, but nature can’t take all the credit for its beauty – it gets a helping hand (or 14!) from the team of seven sweeper ladies. The ladies wear distinctive green full-length dresses, inspired by one of the traditional dresses of the Maldives, ‘Digu hedun’, which is a full-length dress made in different colours. They arrive each day on a dhoni from neighbouring local island, Hinnavaru, and work all day sweeping the paths and beaches clear of fallen tropical vegetation. Once at home, they enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as rooting for their favourite football team.

Anyone who has spent time here on Komandoo will know that these ladies always have a friendly smile on their faces, are happy to chat with guests and work tirelessly to make sure their allocated area is clean and tidy.

Our Sweeper Ladies are an integral part of the resort’s team (Mariyam, Haleemath and Kuda Hawwa have been with us for 12 years!) and Komandoo is, as is the case for many of you, their second home.

On behalf of the resort team and all guests, a big thank you to all of them for helping to keep Komandoo so beautiful!