Komandoo Champions: Ibrahim Habeeb

In this episode of Komandoo Champions the spotlight is on Ibrahim Habeeb, our attentive waiter who joined us in 2016 and has proven to be a great asset to the resort’s team. Ibrahim’s hard work, friendliness and his eagerness to provide exemplary service have already earned him a Star of the Month and Employee of the Month awards as well as the General Manager’s Special Award, and a little online feature in the Komandoo Champions feature is one more ‘thank you’ for his contribution to the success of our resort.

Apart from doing a fantastic waiting job, Ibrahim is often involved in making decorations and organising events at the resort as he’s creative, has an eye for details, not to mention that he takes his responsibilities seriously while being fun at the same time! Ibrahim is also into art, loves to sing, is a fan of football and also enjoys water sports.

What Ibrahim loves most about Komandoo is the fabulous interaction with guests. Given the island’s boutique, adults-only character, it is possible for the Champions to provide personalised and cordial service, which constitutes an important part of the overall experience.

If you’ve been at Komandoo before, you will most probably agree that while the island is stunning in appearance, it is the amazing team that sets it apart from competitors in the Maldives and wider!

Congratulations to Ibrahim on the very many wonderful guest comments received so far. If you enjoyed his service during your holiday at Komandoo, be sure to submit a short review (5 star, thank you…!) on TripAdvisor as a way of complimenting the team and as a reassurance to our future guests that everything is going to be perfect here!