Komandoo Champions: Mustho

Do you know the feeling when a holiday destination is so magnificent that you want to A) travel there twice a year for six months and/or B) transform your home to make it feel like you are on your island in the sun every day? You know, hang a ‘If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed’ sign somewhere, be able to throw together a Lhaviyani Sunset cocktail for unexpected guests in no time, and stock up on all those lovely Healing Earth products… You get the idea!

One big part of Komandoo’s overall charm and consequently your comfort and satisfaction with how the resort looks and feels is also carpentry (we know you want that artistic plant holder we now have just next to the main jetty, and the beautiful coffee table from the reception would look amazing in your living room!), so it is only fitting to put a spotlight on our Mustho, Assistant Carpenter, the champion responsible for a lot of fabulous woodwork at Komandoo.

Not always in the forefront due to the nature of his work but equally contributing to Komandoo being such a popular adults-only, boutique resort, Mustho has just celebrated his third year on our team. Originally from Bangladesh, where he also learned the ropes of carpentry, is a very friendly, creative and hard-working Komandoo Champion, who is proud of his Employee of the Month award received in January last year, two interdepartmental petanque tournament champion awards and the Winner of GM’s Award in December 2018.

Komandoo Maldives Resort

What Mustho is most proud of are the many projects he’s been entrusted with: mirror frames in your villa, Thundi Bar refurbishment works, various wooden boards across the resorts, curtain hangers among other, and most recently the new reception desk created from reclaimed wood.

Sustainability is of great importance at Komandoo and we strive to keep the furniture and decoration at the resort not only appealing to the eye but also eco-friendly, and Musto is definitely one of the key champions that contribute to Komandoo being so naturally chic!

Komandoo Maldives Resort