We Cleaned Up Komandoo!

The Clean Up the World campaign, just like every year since it was launched in 1993, saw millions of people around the world come together to show their commitment to the environment by cleaning up their community. Komandoo is known for its pristine surroundings and sustainability efforts recognised by prominent international hospitality leaders (we’re TUI Environmental Champions, and hold the Travelife Gold Award – more about these here), so it was a no-brainer to contribute our part to this global campaign.

While Komandoo’s Green Club regularly organises events aimed at improving our natural and social environment – including monthly beach and reef clean ups – the annual Clean Up the World event is one that brings together eco-conscious Champions and guests in the largest numbers.

This year, the dive center went diving on Madivaru inner reef, from where they removed 3 bags full of trash (mainly plastic bottles and soda cans), and also found an old compressor too heavy to bring back to the surface by swimming, so the team returned to lift it up from the boat and prevented further oil leak.  Other, non-diving guests and more team members cleaned the beach and the nearby sandbank, combined 200kg of rubbish was removed, including a large, old fishing net.


When one thinks of what a tiny island like Komandoo has achieved, the positive impact on the environment of all the millions of people taking part across the globe is astounding, so be sure to follow lead at home and do everything that is in your power to protect what you love!

Read more about Komandoo’s sustainability efforts here: Komandoo – Beautiful and Green.