Message from the Director of Operations – May 2024

Dear Guests,

Greetings from the Maldives!

The last month has been full of activity and excitement – especially for the snorkellers and divers staying with us thanks to a very special visitor to our reef. It is often said that you never know what you will see in the ocean, but no one expected a baby humpback whale to come along and choose Komandoo’s reef as a place for a rest! A once-in-a-lifetime experience was enjoyed by our guests and champions alike, who were able to snorkel with this amazing creature.

Earth Day once again put the environment at the forefront of our minds and the theme, Planet vs. Plastic is one we fully support. It is a decade since we stopped importing drinking water in plastic bottles and started making our own using a desalination plant and glass bottles, eliminating the use of about a million plastic bottles! Sustainability and conservation are important considerations in all that we do here at Komandoo, and later this month, we will see the spotlight shining on turtles for World Turtle Day. This is always a special time at Komandoo as we have many ‘residents’ on our reef – the last count was an astounding 30 individual hawksbill turtles and 3 green turtles having been identified here so far – if you will be with us make sure you take a trip to our house reef to spot our charismatic turtle residents!

Although the traditional Maldives high season has come to an end, here on the island you wouldn’t actually realise it – the sun continues to shine, the water temperatures are still balmy and occasionally there is a sprinkling of rain watering our lush island vegetation. Komandoo is a year-round destination with diving, snorkelling and watersports possible the whole year through so whenever you stay with us, adventures will be waiting, and a fantastic time is guaranteed.

If you’re in need of some Komandoo magic in your life and haven’t yet booked your 2024 holiday, our summer offer for this year is still available for bookings. Those of you who are planning a little further ahead will be excited to know we have released two fantastic early bird special offers, one for the upcoming winter season and Summer 2025 with 25% off. Don’t leave it too late, it pays to plan ahead, you could have your travel plans wrapped up in no time and all for much less than you thought!

I look forward to welcoming you to Komandoo soon.

With very best wishes,

Madhah Faiz
Director of Operations