Earth Day 2024 – Komandoo Supports ‘Team Planet’ in the Fight Against Plastic!

On 22nd April, Komandoo Maldives joins millions of people around the world to mark Earth Day with the aim of raising awareness of the changes needed to restore our planet and preserve it for future generations. This year’s theme for the event is Planet vs. Plastic, shining a light on the huge issue of plastic pollution and seeking to reduce production of plastic items by 60% by 2040 and so ultimately reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment causing harm to the planet and its inhabitants.

In 2014 we stopped importing drinking water and instead made our own using a desalination plant and bottling the water in reusable glass bottles, eliminating the use of 100,000 plastic bottles per year! We say no to plastic whenever we can, so you won’t find individual portions of condiments on the buffet tables, or plastic bottles of bathroom supplies, your straws will be paper, and there won’t be a bag in the waste baskets. We believe that the solution to plastic pollution is to say ‘no’ to using plastic whenever possible. Committing to reducing the use of plastic is a great way to protect our incredible marine life and those of you have have ever dived or snorkelled at the reefs surrounding Komandoo will know that’s definitely a cause to support since plastic is a huge threat to the health of the oceans and marine life.

We recognise that the idyllic tropical paradise of our resort and the surrounding coral reef ecosystem, is fragile and we strive to make a difference and do all we can to protect it as detailed in our Sustainability Report. Join us and reduce your use of plastics, if enough people take action, the demand for and production of plastic will decrease.

Sustainable Maldives water bottles