Spotlight on Sustainability for Earth Hour 2021

Komandoo Maldives is a microcosm of all that holidays in this idyllic destination are meant to be – lazy, sunny days set amidst a peaceful and charming resort with a backdrop every bit as jaw-dropping as the travel brochures suggest. It’s not all sunshine and cocktails though, our location in such beautiful environment comes with responsibility to protect it for furture generations and as part of the greater cause in protecting the health of our planet as a whole, Komandoo takes its responsibilities very seriously. We are conscious of global environmental issues and ensure that while giving our guests the very best Maldives holiday experience, at the same time we commit to carry out our operations with minimal impact on the fragile environment.

There are many global environmental initiatives throughout the year that our team are involved in and with the last Saturday in March almost upon us it can mean only one thing – Earth Hour! Joining with millions of people across the globe, we will be switching off the lights for one hour and in doing so help to create a wave of darkness across the planet to raise awareness of the need to lead a more sustainable lifestyle in order to protect nature. We know that turning off the power for just one hour will not in itself save the planet but a global community coming together with individuals taking small steps can create a big change.

Whether you will be here with us at Komandoo, or at home, we invite you to join us for Earth Hour on Saturday 27th March at 20.30 local time – switch off the lights and be part of the positive change for planet Earth.

Komandoo Sustainability Fact: Our solar panels are saving over 3340 kg of carbon emission each month – the equivalent of planting 11 trees every month!

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