End 2020 in Style

2020 will go down in history as the year of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s a year that many people will be glad to see the back of but there are some amazing things to come before we welcome in 2021 so why not end 2020 in style with the help of Komandoo Maldives? Offering a haven of peace and tranquility, away from bustling crowds and the uncertainties that the coming festive season at home may hold, Komandoo is the place where there is plenty to look forward to:

Sunshine – a simple one to start with. Never in short supply this close to the equator, sunny days boost the mood and allow the body to produce Vitamin D, needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles – if you need a guilt-free reason to book call it a health retreat!

Manta Mayhem – after many months of enduring mayhem of the wrong kind, turn it around and come and see the gentle giants of the ocean as they visit cleaning stations and enjoy feeding frenzies during manta season. Divers and snorkellers are in for a treat as bucket list dreams are realised, your parting memories of 2020 will be changed.

Festive Season – However you usually spend the festive season, it’s likely to be very different this year, so take advantage of the fact that you will be unlikely to have a big family gathering and escape for the Christmas you’ve secretly always longed for but could never do with a clear conscience.

Celebrate New Year – champagne sipping, sunset watching, exquisite dining and service to match at the romance capital of the Maldives; we believe that 2021 deserves a very warm welcome, just as you do when you arrive at our jetty and begin the most incredible days of your year.