Increase Your Feel-Good Factor at Komandoo!

Ask any panel of experts that specialises in the Maldives and they will unanimously recommend a holiday at Komandoo when you’re feeling down or in need of a energy boost!

Komandoo is a source of positivity and a place with good vibes in itself, yet to up your well-being game a tad bit more, be sure to acquaint yourself with Rinku, Komandoo’s resident yogi and fitness trainer. He’s the brain and the muscle of everything you need to keep happy and healthy while in paradise; Rinku can create a custom workout schedule for you, suggest a new regimen, advise on proper and safe training, and be there to support you as you go.

Currently, complimentary group yoga classes are given, as is a bootcamp and service at the gym. Rinku is also available for private yoga sessions and personalised training to ensure you get the training, nutrition advise and general support you are looking for to improve your lifestyle.

As there’s unfortunately only one Rinku, be sure to announce yourself before your arrival to secure his time for your personal training.

Fitness Komandoo Maldives Resort