Fitness and Yoga at Komandoo Maldives Resort

While a holiday at Komandoo is relaxing in and of itself, a little extra well-being has never hurt anyone. Besides the resort’s popular spa, there are other options for you to have a breather from your hectic everyday life. Whether you wish to use your time at Komandoo to jump-start a healthier lifestyle or you already have a regimen in place that you would like to follow in paradise, you’ll find that Komandoo has everything that you need to stay fit and well in the Maldives.

Rinku, Komandoo’s wellness instructor, specialises in weight management, Rip and TRX training, injuries prevention, muscle and functional training, kettle belt and viper training. If none of the above are a part of your vocabulary, fret not and simply talk to Rinku about your fitness goals and he will advise you a suitable workout in Komandoo’s gym accordingly. Personalised training is available and can be in the form of a one-day session or as a consultation and guided training during your entire holiday. Contact us for charges and bookings.

Tapping into the island’s stunning surroundings are also yoga and meditation group and private sessions, conducted by Rinku. Join us for sunrise Hatha yoga and power yoga on the Kandu Bar deck Fridays and Mondays from 7.00 to 8.00, and for sunset yoga at the gym or Aqua beach Sundays and Wednesdays at 18.00. Venues and timing may change – please confirm the details upon your arrival; private yoga and meditation sessions are also available.

Rinku gym instructor komandoo maldives