Getting to Komandoo by Seaplane: An Experience to Embrace

A holiday, by definition, is a wonderful thing. The getting to the holiday destination, and then possible even from the airport to your hotel… not necessarily that enjoyable – unless it’s the Maldives we are talking about! As ubiquitous as taxis in big cities, the Maldives is renowned for its seaplanes. Servicing islands too far away from international airports to be reachable by boat, this convenient means of transport has changed the entire tourism landscape in the Maldives and continues to be one of the holiday highlights to many guests.

You better prepare for a scenic journey if you’re spending your holiday at Komandoo! Triple-check your camera before leaving home to ensure you have sufficient memory and battery to capture the sights through your window. 40 minutes of jaw-dropping vistas are a great teaser for all the beauty that still awaits you!

Views of the tiny islands, sandbanks and lagoons strung across the Indian Ocean are one of the most awe-inspiring sights you can ever hope to behold, so you can consider yourself lucky to be holidaying at Komandoo as you’ll be able to experience what is a lifelong dream to many.