Snorkel Komandoo’s Beautiful House Reef

The Maldives is famous for it’s incredible marine life and appears on the bucket list of many scuba diving enthusiasts, but you don’t have to learn to dive to experience the underwater wonderland, the snorkelling is amazing too! Just a few steps from your villa at Komandoo Maldives Resort, the sparkling lagoon and house reef are just waiting to be explored.

The reef surrounding Komandoo is shallow and very close to the shore, making it easily accessible and perfect for adventures whenever you like. An abundance of marine life awaits all those who don a mask, fins and snorkel to take a peek below the surface. Delicate butterflyfish dance between the coral blocks, while colourful parrotfish maraud along the reef, feasting as they go. Large schools of snappers are mesmerising to watch as they move as one and snorkelers sometimes get an extra special treat with appearances by eagle rays, stingrays, barracuda and giant trevally. The stars of the show though, are the hawksbill turtles that can be spotted on almost every occasion, either feeding, swimming or resting on the reef.

Join our guides from the Prodivers team for a tour of the house reef as well as getting insider tips on where to find the turtles. To book your place, pop into the Dive Centre or use the handy Komandoo App.

Those looking for even more adventure can join the Night Snorkelling Tour to explore the house reef at night and watch as the nocturnal creatures awaken and transform the reef into a magical realm seen only by torchlight. Night also brings some of the reefs larger inhabitants into shallower water, with large nurse sharks, sting rays and humphead parrot fish all regulary seen on our night adventures.

The team at the dive center will be happy to assist you with snorkelling equipment and advise you on all the other exciting snorkelling adventures available during your stay with us.