Looking after Komandoo

Komandoo is a paradise. A unique and beautiful island in the heart of the Indian Ocean, however, our paradise is a fragile one. This is why on Komandoo we invest as much time thinking about how to look after our island as we do about looking after our residents.

We often talk about the ways we try to tackle the plastic problem, but all across Komandoo, we are working in many other ways to make a difference.

  • Solar Power: One thing Komandoo has plenty of is sunlight! Our solar power systems help generate on average 8500 kWh/month – this is saving 3344.81 kg of CO2 emissions/month.
  • Laundry: The plentiful sunlight also acts as a very good dryer – 40% of Komandoo’s laundry is now dried outside, and with laundry potentially contributing to 20% of a hotel’s overall energy demand this simple action can make a big difference.
  • Trees, lots of trees: Despite the small size of Komandoo, we have managed to plant more than 2000 trees on the island! Preventing erosion, removing CO2 and looking beautiful we believe trees are amazing.
  • Our Suppliers: The environmental impact of our suppliers has become a major consideration for Komandoo’s purchasing department. We now work with our suppliers to minimise packaging and ensure that where packaging is needed that it is reusable or recyclable, and that produce is sourced from sustainable sources.
  • The Komandoo Green Club: A non-revenue organization formed by group of Komandoo Champions and Management to keep our environment clean, take the initiative and increase awareness about cleanliness and sustainable environmental practices for a healthy life. This new initiative plans to develop coral plantations, Guest and Champion awareness of common trees in Maldives, reef cleaning programs and helping to develop community awareness programs with the local community.
  • Travellife Gold Award: The Travellife Gold Award is awarded to resorts that have shown a continued commitment to green issues. Judged on 150 criteria the award recognises the work across the board we have done, and the positive action steps taken.