How Long Should You Spend On Holiday in the Maldives?

The very simple answer is ‘as long as possible’!

Those who have never visited the Maldives before might worry about being bored at such small resorts but nothing could be further from reality, especially at Komandoo Maldives. The island may be small (we are a firm believer of good things coming in small packages!) but your holiday is not confined to the island, the Maldives is a lot more than picturesque sandy islands, the ocean is where the adventures happen and there’s enough to do on land and water to keep you as busy as you want to be for a couple of weeks and more.

If you’re hovering over the ‘Book Now’ button but just want to make sure Komandoo is for you, and are swaying between, one, two or more weeks at our resort, visit or download the Komandoo App and check out the Hot Favourites section – you will find a variety of the most popular activities and experiences to get an idea of how you can spend your days. From breakfast in the sea to romantic beach dinners, from relaxation at the spa to snorkelling with turtles, from stand up paddle boarding to night fishing… Once you discover all the possibilities at Komandoo, you’ll be thinking about adding on an extra week to your plan!

Of course, there are times when a shorter getaway is all that can be managed, it may be a sneaky add-on to another trip, or commitments at home mean you can’t be away for too long; that doesn’t mean Komandoo isn’t for you – you’ll still be able to experience just how wonderful the Maldives is and book another, longer, stay at the next opportunity! Find a gap in your 2023 calendar, check our latest special offers and we’ll see you soon, for however long you decide to stay!