The Best of the Maldives’ Underwater on Komandoo’s Doorstep

Coral reefs are one of the Maldives’ top attractions, only rivalled by the astounding scenes brought about by the complementing islands, sandbanks and lagoons that make the scene picture perfect. Snorkelling or diving are all the more enjoyable and convenient when there is the option of embarking on underwater adventures steps away from your villa.

At Komandoo, we’re blessed with a fabulous, shallow and easily accessible house reef that allows you to don your gear, turn on your ‘exploration’ mode and be wowed by the variety of creatures that reside there (or casually visit because there is no such thing as not wanting to return to Komandoo!).

The house reef boasts some nice coral blocks with a regularly spotted mantis shrimp as well as thousands of glass fish; 99 percent of the time you can spot a hawksbill turtle and a moray eel, alongside just about every reef fish from your fish ID book! Those who want to make the most of your evening can even explore the house reef on a night dive night to find out how the ambience changes and how Komandoo’s house reef is an interesting place at any time of the day.

Get your snorkelling equipment and basic orientation on where to snorkel from the dive centre, and be sure to sign up for a dive or twp to be able to admire the house reef even more thoroughly.