Komandoo Maldives – A Wellness Haven

Wellness encompasses the mind, body and soul and what better place to honour them than at Komandoo Maldives – a haven to which you can escape to and depart with a new sense of inner peace and joy. It’s all too east to become engulfed in the daily monotonous routine and mental and physical health can slowly begin to suffer without us even realising it – it’s only when we stop, breathe and truly make quality time for ourselves that we see there’s another, healthier way to live life. Komandoo makes putting yourself first easy, with wellness opportunities in many forms.

Indulgent spa treatments come to mind when thinking of a wellness retreat but cocooning yourself amidst incredible natural surroundings may suit others better and achieve the same inner peace – at Komandoo you can have it all!

Duniye Spa offers an impressive array of treatments including a collection specifically geared towards promoting mental well-being. Embark upon a Mindful Journey encompassing a full-body massage and a sound and energy experience to evoke a sense of joy and calmness. Fall into a deep state of relaxation, meditation, and healing whilst enjoying a Sound Bath with Himalayan singing bowls, a must-do for anyone who hasn’t yet tried it. Those who prefer something a little more physical can book an energising and uplifting Thai Massage that uses yoga positions facilitated by your therapist to open joints, increase energy flow and muscle flexibility which improves postural body alignment.

Wellness opportunities surround you at Komandoo, even something as simple as a stroll around the island can leave you feeling rejuvenated as you lose all sense of time and just lose yourself in the gently lapping waves that wash over you sand covered toes. Take time out with those books you’ve always wanted to read – guilt-free, we’ll be taking care of dinner after all! Immerse yourself in bubbles under the sea while scuba diving – there’s nothing quite like focusing on the sound of your own breathing for an hour to calm the mind, and you can enjoy the kind of bubbles that tickle your nose in the form of champagne during sunset later in the day too. Go snorkelling and watch the fish, it’s mesmerising to observe them going about their business, don’t forget the simple joys of wild swimming in the ocean too.

We have some enticing special offers so take a look and get your wellness journey off to a great start – just clicking the ‘BOOK NOW‘ button creates a sense of joy – try it!