Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with Komandoo’s Adventures

A memorable holiday consists of much more than an enviable location with picturesque surroundings and great service, we believe that for holiday memories to stay alive long after your tan has faded, you need to experience new things that will make your soul leap for joy. Here at Komandoo Maldives we have an exciting collection of adventures and we’re sure you’ll find something amongst them that you haven’t tried before but that is piquing your interest and will tempt you out of your comfort zone…just a little!

Everyone remembers the first time they breathe underwater and if you’ve never tried scuba diving before, we recommend making the most of the fabulous conditions in our shallow lagoon and giving it a try. Most people’s first experience of diving is in a swimming pool where the most you can expect to see is the tiles on the bottom, but here at Komandoo you’ll be swimming amongst colourful tropical fish from the very first breath.

Already a diver? Great! Try flying along our dramatic outer reefs with the help of an underwater scooter (DPV, diver propulsion vehicle). You’ll get to see the parts of the dive sites where bigger fish like to hang out, without having to battle with a strong current as the scooter does all the hard work for you.

If you’ve always dreamed of swimming with turtles, Komandoo is likely to be the place where you realise that dream – our house reef is home to numerous inquisitive hawksbill turtles and nearby Kuredu Caves has the largest community of green sea turtles in the Maldives. Both these sites are suitable for divers and snorkellers -get your underwater camera ready, stay a respectful distance from the turtles and you’ll get some great shots.

Always admired how serene standup paddle boarders look but doubt you’ve got the balance to look like them? Give it a try on the sparkling surface of the lagoon and once you’ve mastered kneeling, it’s time to stand up and explore, safe in the knowledge that if you fall off, the water will be a balmy 29 degrees Celsius!

Having dinner under the sea is not something you get to experience very often, it may well end up being a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and with our sister resort Hurawalhi being home to 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, the largest all-glass underwater restaurant in the world, this is a great chance for a bucket list moment. Those of you who fear being underwater, this is your chance to experience the wonderful marine life of the Maldives without even getting you hair wet and we think that being 5.8 metres underwater definitely counts as being outside your comfort zone!

Adventure begins where your comfort zone ends!