Romantic Dining at Komandoo

Call it romantic dining, a meal on the beach or your culinary dream come true, no holiday at Komandoo is complete without private gourmet delights crafted by Komandoo’s team of chefs. No matter if you’re travelling solo, as a couple or with family or friends, a dinner under Komandoo’s starlit sky is an experience that allows you to cherish the stunning nature and the island’s nighttime charm.

Executive Chef Riccardo Rizzoli and his team invite you to revel in luscious Candlelight Dinner and Luxurious Dining on the Beach menus; the first one delights with sea-inspired dishes such as fresh yellowfin tuna, guacamole shrimps in avocado shell, grilled lobster, and lemongrass and coconut panna cotta with mango heart; we crafted two menu options for the Candlelight Dinner – you can find them here – and are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements or preferences you may have.

A special atmosphere wafts through the air Wednesdays as we set tables on the beach and serve you a delicious 3-course treat consisting of this menu (with the option to customise it based on your preferences) and a bottle of white or red wine to make the occasion even more delightful.

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Please email us to confirm if your dietary requirements for the Candlelight Dinner and Luxurious Beach Dining can be accommodated, or if you have and preferences as to the day you want it arranged.