Solah Spills the Beans on Komandoo

We’ve managed to steal some time with Solah, Komandoo Maldives’ General Manager to ask him a few questions and get some insider tips and secrets behind the amazing team of champions at this small boutique resort…

What would be your top ‘must-do experiences’ on Komandoo?

Since Komandoo is a very romantic ‘Adults Only, 18 years+’ resort, my top must-do experiences are the ‘Him & Her Massage’ in our Duniye Spa, the Romantic Beach Dinner and Early Morning Breakfast by the Sea.

What makes Komandoo so different to other resorts you’ve worked at?

Komandoo has the charm of a quintessential Maldivian resort. I have worked at different kinds of hotels from luxury to boutique but Komandoo tops it all with a very warm hospitality and the bond between the champions and the guests. The service culture at Komandoo is something that you won’t see at any other resort because of the personalized and proper service with a ‘soul’ from our champions. On top of this, Komandoo has the perfect ‘dreamlike’, barefoot, authentic Maldivian island feeling without any vehicles on the island. Komandoo is truly magical with perfect scenery and a lively house reef with an abundance of marine life on our doorstep.

What is your favourite dish at Aqua?

I love all food in Aqua! The tuna steak is my favorite with garlic and butter sauce on top, yummy!

Your champions are such a highly rated part of the Komandoo experience, what is the secret to a good team?

Komandoo has a service culture of 21 years and the team plays to their strengths and, thanks to our owners, who have always looked after the team, the retention of the team is very good. We have lot of champions who have been here for a long time. I have led them in the direction of 21st century hospitality to guide them, but they have excellent service in their blood, it comes naturally and whole team lives and breathes warmest hospitality. They are so guest focused and their team work is the best I have ever seen in my 19 years in the hotel industry. I think the secret is that our team understands the royalty of serving others and it makes me so proud to have changed our team to ‘champions’ because to win, to be a champion, there is lot of hard work and sacrifices behind it and this team goes out of their way to serve our guests – they are spontaneous and anticipate our guests needs very well.

We see from you’re activities on social media that you are a football fan, how many football stars have you met?

I have met few, while travelling to England as a pilgrim to watch football and meeting some through previous hotels that I used to work at. My first time was meeting Robbie Savage while waiting outside the stadium in Derby, and most recently when I watched Arsenal during the last two visits to England where I was lucky enough to be in the Directors Box and Players Lounge meeting all the players! It is difficult to put a number on it but I know few of them in person now.

Finally, you use #ilovemyjob a lot on social media, can you tell us more?

I use lot of social media to socialize with friends and our guests from all around the world and it is a great way to connect. I started using #Ilovemyjob few years back when I was working in Abu Dhabi as the shifts were 12 hours a day and I thought to myself, if I use positive affirmations, I would love it more. As a General Manager, my schedule is: I wake up before sunrise and work late at night, mostly seven days a week, I am always around the guests, champions or working from the office and I honestly love it. Now I hope all of you will do that too! #ilovemyjob