Komandoo: Beautiful and Green

Not only is Komandoo a Maldives’ resort renowned for its adults-only concept and otherworldly natural beauty, it also excels in its sustainability efforts, which is, especially in such a fragile environment as our archipelago, all the more important. Thanks to the resort’s environmentally aware team and guests who share our commitment to do everything in our power to preserve this piece of paradise, it is not an overstatement that Komandoo is a very green-minded resort.

We sat down with Chief Engineer Priyantha to give you some fun facts about all things sustainability:

Solar System
– Average energy production per month 8500 kWh
– Average diesel consumption saving per month 2900 liters
– Environmental benefit per month (Co2 emission saved 3344.81 kg) equivalent tree planted 11.17 per month

Reduction of plastic by 75%
– We reduced the purchase of plastic bottled water by 99%
– We say no to plastic drinking straws and use paper straws instead
– We completely stopped buying plastic garbage bags
– Reduce the use of single-portion packaging of food such as butter jam
– Use bulk dispensers whenever possible
– Our kitchens are equipped with utensils from renewable materials instead of plastics. We use ceramic, metal or wooden bowls to serve meals, with metal cutlery and glass receptacles for drinks and desserts.

2,000 trees
With the help from the entire team we planted more than 2000 new trees around the island.

Suppliers of fruit and vegetables
In purchasing, we are looking for less packaging, larger containers and also more recyclable packaging where packaging is absolutely necessary. Local fruit and vegetable purchases are packaging free.

We constantly educate and encourage our employees to separate waste in order to at least recycle what can’t be reduced.

Laundry – air-drying
40% of laundry is dried with the help from the generous Maldives sun, allowing us to save 20% of energy.

Environmental club
Komandoo Green Club was formed by group of Komandoo Champions and Management to keep our environment clean, take the initiative and increase awareness about a cleanliness and sustainable environment for a healthy life. The club’s plans include making Komandoo greener, guest and champions’ awareness of common trees in the Maldives, reef cleaning programs and community awareness programs on nearby local islands.

Travelife Gold
To gain Travelife Gold Certification, a resort must meet more than 150 sustainability criteria, and Komandoo is proud to have been extended its status again for 2018-20.

There’s much more happening on the sustainability front; you can find the entire sustainability report here, and join our complimentary back of the house tours to learn more.