Try Scuba Diving at Komandoo Maldives

Did you know that 2,000+ species of fish and 200+ species of coral had been identified in the Maldives? There’s a whole lot of water around Komandoo and we want you to enjoy it to the full! While it’s true that the resort’s house reef is home to an incredible variety and quantity of marine life, and it’s so shallow that most of it can be seen be just snorkelling, you should also give diving a try! Trust us – and Komandoo Prodivers – that discovering scuba diving is likely to be a life-changing experience. And the best thing? You can see what it’s like to breath underwater (and have that awesome near-flying feeling!), plus see fish in their natural aquarium, without having to get certified.

You can try scuba diving and enhance your Maldives’ holiday with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, during which you develop the basic skills and learn the ABCs of diving, and then – off to the lagoon! The balmy, crystalline water of course makes things easier and more pleasant. You won’t descend more than 2-3 meters on your first dive, but just enough for you to realize that a whole new dimension is out there to be enjoyed.

The dive center team do their best to provide a highly personalized and attentive service to everyone. After your lagoon dive, they will probably talk you into doing the second dive – because that’s where things get interesting! Now that you’ve been reassured that you, too, can breath underwater and that the instructor is with you at all times and you can be at ease, you’re ready to do your first house reef dive. Komandoo’s house reef is one of the most well-preserved reefs in the area, and you will be wowed by the myriad of things that snorkellers don’t see. To truly appreciate the magic of our oceans, there is no better way than giving the fantastic sensation that is diving a try. If it’s at the beautiful Komandoo, you really can’t go wrong!