Celebrating Water, a Precious Resource

From the moment your seaplane splashes down, your days at Komandoo Maldives Resort will revolve around the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. In a nation that has 99% of its surface area covered by water, it’s hardly surprising that water has a big part to play in life here, it’s a water baby’s playground with watersports, snorkelling and scuba diving activities aplenty. Such a large proportion of the country being comprised of ocean however, presents challenges in terms of supplies of drinking water; it is a precious resource as fresh water sources are extremely scarce in the Maldives and limited to just a few natural wells. At Komandoo we solve that problem with our water production system.

Komandoo’s fresh water is produced by reverse osmosis, a process that uses high-pressure pumps to force filtered seawater through membrane filters. The three separate plants at the resort are able to produce an impressive 250 tonnes of water per day from the plentiful seawater surrounding the island – enough for all of our guests and team of champions. The delicious drinking water is supplied in glass bottles which has eliminated the use of about 100,000 single-use plastic bottles per year!

The ocean is a prominent feature of a Maldives holiday but it’s not just about picturesque views, diving and snorkelling amongst incredible marine life or sailing the surface on a catamaran, it’s the vital drinking water source that, with the help of technology, facilitates sustainable use of resources in this beautiful environment.

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