Water Villas – A Top Choice for a Maldives’ Holiday

Anyone flirting with the idea of spending their next holiday in the Maldives inevitably has the country’s iconic water villas on the radar. Whether you fancy the idea of waking up to the lapping of the waves, can’t resist the thought of a 27°C warm lagoon being only 10 stairs away, or know how surprised your darling would be if you arranged a Champagne Breakfast on your private terrace, the verdict is clear – you too have a crush on water villas!

Living up to your expectations of a tranquil, adults-only resort that boasts 15 villas right on the ocean (in addition to 50 beach villas) is Komandoo, one of the Maldives’ most renowned islands for romance. Here, the Maldives’ experience as seen in your Instagram feed and raved about on TripAdvisor is yours to be had; be it seeking shade in the airy villa, enjoying a bath indulgence or lazying on the terrace sunbed admiring unobstructed views of the ocean before heading off to the coral reef directly in front, the Jacuzzi Water Villas at this resort gem in Lhaviyani Atoll will not disappoint.

If you aren’t feeling the butterflies already now when planning your trip, you will fall in love with Komandoo’s water villas the moment you spot the wooden pontoon walkway that connects them them through the seaplane window. Come closer and you will find out that inside and outside they are the unique, unpretentious haven that surely belongs on you Maldives’ holiday shortlist.