World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the biggest global movement focusing on protecting nature and is celebrated each year on 5th June, it is a cause very close to our hearts here on Komandoo.

In 2014 we stopped importing drinking water and instead made our own using a desalination plant and bottling the water in reusable glass bottles, eliminating the use of 100,000 plastic bottles per year! We say no to plastic whenever we can, so you won’t find individual portions of condiments on the buffet tables, or plastic bottles of bathroom supplies, your straws will be paper, and there won’t be a bag in the waste baskets. We believe that the solution to plastic pollution is to say ‘no’ to using plastic whenever possible. Committing to reducing the use of plastic is a great way to protect our incredible marine life and those of you have have ever dived or snorkelled at the reefs surrounding Komandoo will know that’s definitely a cause to support since plastic is a huge threat to the health of the oceans and marine life.

Here in the Maldives we are incredibly fortunate to be amidst some of the most beautiful natural scenery, both on land and underwater, on the planet and this brings a huge responsibility to protect what we have. Komandoo Maldives takes that responsibility very seriously and we are constantly striving to make green and sustainable choices within our resort operations.

There is a whole host of environmentally-friendly initiatives on the island and within our atoll community but what our guests notice most of all is how beautiful and green our island is. The Komandoo Green Club was formed by group of Komandoo Champions and Management to keep our environment clean, take the initiative and increase awareness about a cleanliness and sustainable environment for a healthy life. The club’s plans include making Komandoo greener, guest and champions’ awareness of common trees in the Maldives, reef cleaning programs and community awareness programs on nearby local islands. A walk around the island will show that the Green Club really are doing a fantastic job, for such a small island, we have a lot of trees! We are particularly proud of our organic garden, where we grow red and green lettuce for use in Falhu and Aqua restaurants as well as in the Champions Cafeteria.

There’s much more happening on the sustainability front at Komandoo, we look forward to sharing our environmental initiatives with you during your stay with us. You can find the entire sustainability report here.