Komandoo Maldives weather forecast

The necklace of pearls in the Indian Ocean that we know as Maldives sits just above the equator. The sun shines on the beaches most days and the temperature seldom varies beyond 25-28 degrees.

Maldives weather forecast for Komandoo

Very few oceans are as tranquil as the Indian Ocean. On certain days the entire sea is as smooth as a mirror, whereas in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean tropical islands are frequently hammered by large waves and weather systems.

The Maldives are visited by two monsoons every year when the winds change directions, locally they are called the Iruvai and Hulang Monsoons.

The Hulang Monsoon (South West) during the summer months of June July and August brings a chance of stronger breezes and short showers. This is caused by low pressure formed as India heats up during the summer. To fill this void winds rich with moisture from the Indian Ocean sweep up towards Asia and hit the Himalayas. The Greatest mountain range in the world causes these winds to gain altitude and precipitation forms. Sporadic small clouds drift down to the Maldives and we greet Hulang once more.

The Iruvai (North East) monsoons visit Maldives as India begins to cool off during winter. The surrounding atmosphere, still quite hot, causes cool winds to sweep down from the Himalayas. The winds pick up moistures over the Bay of Bengal and release it over the Indian peninsular.

Effects of this can be felt in the Maldives around the middle of December as the winds change once more. However as the jet stream in the region splits into the subtropical and polar jet it produces clear skies as a consequence of Maldives experience its best weather of the year from March to May.

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