Komandoo’s Christmas Tree

This year we have a very special Christmas tree on Komandoo. The tree is made up from 1000 plastic bottles that have washed up on Komandoo’s beaches since the start of 2019. Although looking spectacular, our tree does help show a very real problem.

These bottles are not from Komandoo, where we have worked hard to reduce our single-use plastics by over 95%, and hope to be 100% plastic-free in the near future. But rather help show how the issues surrounding plastic use, and wider environmental pressures, are global ones, ones which require all of us to not only work hard but also work together to tackle.

We also have continued to introduce solar panels to provide our energy and heating, use grey-water for our gardens and we’ve started to provide eco-friendly bags for guests to use to take their plastic waste home (where wider recycling options are more readily available.)

Research has shown that 10% of all plastic used ends up in our oceans, the equivalent of 700 billion plastic bottles! Scientists have suggested that by 2050 there could be more plastic in our ocean than fish, and it only by working to reduce the plastic we all use that we can hope to stop and reverse this trend.

As such we urge all of our guests, champions and partners to work towards a plastic-free lifestyle where possible and help protect our fragile environment, and with luck, next year’s tree will be a lot a smaller.

We will be recycling every bottle used in the tree after the festive season.