Soak up Maldivian Culture When at Komandoo

When looking back at your previous holidays, those that left a lasting impression were most probably those where in additional to poolside drinks you were also served a good portion of local culture! Be it getting to know local customs and traditions, interacting with people or enjoying typical cuisine, one of the biggest privileges and joys of going to faraway places is soaking up the destination’s culture – in the case of Komandoo, you can even soak up some Equatorial sun while doing so!

Head to Komandoo if you wish to surround yourself with natural beauty and a myriad of interesting nuggets of information about the Maldives.

First things first: savour the homemade coconut ice-cream upon your arrival at the resort, or even order a Kurumba from the bar as your first tropical drink to celebrate you’ve finally arrived in paradise!

The genuine friendliness of the Maldivians surely won’t go unnoticed – be it the front office that will welcome you and show you to your villa, your room boy or the restaurant team, our local champions are bound to become one of the main reasons why you’ll want to return to Komandoo. You’ll love our general manager too – attentive, problem-solving, witty and chatty, Solah will surely make you feel welcome at Komandoo.

Be sure to stop for a chat with the team during your daily whereabouts on the island, and come Saturday afternoon, awaken the artist within you when you attempt to recreate the traditional palmleaf craft. Saturday is also your chance to fill your plates at Falhu Restaurant with local delicacies such as tuna, white reef fish, chips, tuna chili paste, spicy fish chips, curry and fruit bread as we prepare a Maldivian-themed buffet dinner for you. There’s even a Maldivian curry class every Tuesday for those who wish to dig deeper into the country’s flavour-rich cuisine.

Saturday is also the day when you get to experience the highlight of Komandoo’s evening entertainment – the Maldivian cultural show at Kandu Bar. This informative and lively event allows you to mingle with our champions and get to know more about the Maldives’ culture through a boduberu musical performance. Dancing like no one is watching is totally acceptable – you’re having a holiday of your lifetime after all!

To fully appreciate the Maldives, explore beyond Komandoo and join our local island excursion where we visit Hinnavaru, or Naifaru with its Atoll Marine Centre.

To make up for the sadness that is the departure day, treat yourself to a local souvenir or two – sarongs are available in Velaa shop as is art by Mohamed Abdullah who paints coconut shells, ashtrays, jewellery boxed, keychains and similar with traditional Maldivian motifs.