Swim with Manta Rays in the Maldives

Many people who visit the Maldives list swimming with manta rays as one of their ‘must-do’ holiday experiences and a stay at Komandoo between November and March is very likely to allow that to happen! These huge gentle giants of the ocean are mesmerising to watch and you’ll never forget your first manta encounter, it’s simply magical.

Mantas visit cleaning stations at Fushifaru Thila, a marine protected area and a well-known manta hot-spot, within easy reach of Komandoo, where small fish await their arrival and then provide an essential service in ridding the manta of parasites, payment is by way of meal! Despite their huge size, mantas are harmless, they use their enormous mouth to feed on plankton rich water close to the surface and pose no threat to humans. When swimming with mantas we have to be careful not to disrupt their natural behaviour – our interactions should be both respectful and sustainable and the ‘How to Swim with Manta Rays‘ guide by Manta Trust should be followed.

Due to the ocean’s unpredictability, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try, you might find just what you came to see! Komandoo Maldives is the destination where your dreams have a very good chance of being realised.

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Special excursions, such as the Manta Search Tour for snorkellers, are available when mantas are known to be around and these, along with many more exciting adventures, can be booked on the Komandoo mobile app or www.my.komandoo.com as soon as you have a confirmed reservation at our resort.