Water Villa or Beach Villa?

Komandoo is nothing like Marmite – you either love it or you love it! You won’t find a house reef in the area prettier than ours, no team as dedicated as Komandoo’s, and no Spanish omelette as exquisite as the one at Aqua Restaurant. Yet to make sure that you leave the resort with absolutely zero ‘should haves’, there is something you need to give some thought into – which villa type suits your dream holiday desires best.

Based on feedback from members of the Beach Villa camp, Komandoo’s beachside villas are your safe bet if you wish to have the island’s powdery sand added to the mixture of perfect. The resort’s sugary white, empty stretch of beach can be your walkway from your Beach Villa or Jacuzzi Beach Villa to the lagoon. The beach provides a beautiful contrast between the island’s greenery and the various hues of the blue of the Indian Ocean, and nicely caresses your feet when you walk down to the water for a swim. What’s more, Komandoo’s lagoon is a baby shark and baby stingray nursery, so you can even admire these cuties from the comfort of your shaded patio. Should you feel incomplete without reading at least one book during your holiday, nothing beats a good afternoon read on the beach, with the gentle island breeze lulling you into pondering if life could possibly get any better than this.

To truly be able to slip away into your own private haven – and maybe even have a romantic indulgence organised – the choice between a beach villa with a jacuzzi and one without is an easy one to make.

Komandoo Maldives Beach Villas

All those who feel that the Maldives and its iconic water villas go hand in hand will love Komandoo’s Jacuzzi Water Villas. Built on stilts over the sparkling ocean, they guarantee more privacy, more space and more exclusivity. There is something magical about treating yourself to a champagne breakfast on your terrace, snuggling up on the lounger with your loved one and to be disturbed by nothing but the occasional splashing sound that the marine life makes. For whenever you need to cool off, your private patch of translucent ocean is directly below your villa. While it’s true that when staying at one of the Jacuzzi Water Villas the resort’s main restaurant and the infinity pool are not in the direct proximity (you need some 6 minutes on foot to reach them), it’s also true that you will feel so cosy and spoilt in your water villa that it’s quite possible you will never want to leave it at all!

Komandoo Water Villas Maldives

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