Komandoo Celebrities: Bodu Beru Ensamble

Evenings at Komandoo are generally as quiet as days are serene save for a handful of night entertainment events that give the resort’s guests itchy feet and a chance to succumb to the rhythm of music. Fridays are for dancing to the beats you know, while every Saturday at 10:15 p.m. it is Maldivian music that begins to waft through the balmy air. Regarded as an essential element of the country’s culture, a bodu beru live performance is something you should certainly experience during your holiday in the Maldives.

Due to their popularity among guests, as a ‘thank you’ for dancing the extra mile as well as to invite all future guests to have a bit of cultural immersion during their time on the island, we are crowning Komandoo’s bodu beru group this month’s celebrities.

Consisting of 21 team members in total, Komandoo’s bodu beru (‘big drum’ in Dhivehi language) brings together the island’s most talented drummers, singers and dancers to perform at what is one of the most popular evenings at Kandu Bar. The ensamble is made up of villa attendants, island hosts, front office team, hostesses, waiters, luggage attendants, boat captain and crew, plus some of our colleagues who work more behind the scenes, as labourers, in HR and finance. Some of the bodu beru stars have been working at the resort for as many as 10 years!

The group performs under the orchestration of Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, Saeed Ibrahim and Ibrahim Zuka, who lead the rehearsals twice a week and work out how to incorporate the rest of the team’s suggestions into future shows, be it Saturday night’s, arrival welcome ceremony, weddings or staff parties. Most ideas on how to improve the more gentle parts of the performance of course come from Aminath Shifza.

The bodu beru begins in a slow tempo before turning into a whirlwind of energic beats and moves, which is usually when guests join in the fun!

We hope you enjoy Saturday nights at Komandoo as much as our bodu beru musicians and dancers enjoy showcasing you their talents and culture.